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Pre-Production is probably the most important step in audio production. It doesn't matter if it is for a music project, film, TV or just a voice-over demo, at Emil Studio the process will be handled with the highest possible care and support from the production throughout the final stage.

Audio Recording stage: The most important factors of professional audio recording are the recording artist, the skills of the recording engineer, the quality of the equipment. At Emil Studio you will find the experience and gear you need for great recording.

Post-Production: After recording your audio, Emil Studio will provide you with the post-production gear and skills to mix and master your sound to the highest standards. Emil Studio will pack your project in any professional format you need up to 5.1 surround at 24bit/192kHz resolution.

just a few ...


Milenita (singer/songwriter)

Angels in America

Father (animated documentary film)


Emil Iliev started playing guitar in 1984, and few years later, drums and piano. He worked with many bands in Bulgaria, Israel and Canada. In 1996 he studied sound engineering and sound design and expanded the potential of the EmilStudio.

Emil Studio in established in 1994 as a home/project studio. Over the years it grew up in a highly professional studio with capabilities and resources for music recording, mixing, mastering and post production in stereo and surround sound.

" between good and great

Many great projects need the final production polish they deserve, so they can shine like a bright stars. Sometimes this is just the right mixing or a great mastering ...

... or sometimes it's just a matter of nice guitar solo to break the ice ;)...

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