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Welcome on "Emil's Collaborations" page. On this page you can view and listen some of Emil's projects created in collaboration with other musicians, composers and producers. As the work on some of the projects is only a sound design or mixing, mastering etc., there will be no actual demos you can listen to. Please note also that all tracks are specially prepared and optimized for web publication and are not with the maximum sound quality and in the actual format and resolution used in the projects. For more details please use the Contact form.

Please respect the intellectual property. All contents on this page are licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0).


Dr. FeelGroove (2022)

A great new set of original tracks featuring guest musicians Lora Hristova, Vladi Mitin and Kai Orlinov.

Incredible mixture of dance, opera and jazz in contemporary sound and groovy beat.

produced by dr. Feelgroove (co-produced Emil Iliev)
music recorded and mixed by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio

Ritmos Negros - Estar lejos

release date: 2022

The incredible Ritmos Negros produced a new album with original compositions in their unique Worldmusic style.

Producer: Piero Epifanía
Arrangements: Ritmos Negros


Piero Epifanía - Vocals, percussion
Simeon Leonidov - Guitar
Boris Taslev - Bass
Arnau Garrofé - Sax, flute
Damián Diaz Merlis - Trumpet

Piero Epifania - Miles los amigos

release date: 2021

The composer and multi instrumentalist Piero Epifanía presents his second original album, performed with great collaboration of musicians from all around the globe.
The 10 original compositions are Afro-Peruvian music mixture of folk elements with a hint of jazz, 70's retro and contemporary sound.

Peruka (Video Clip)

Spotify: Piero Epifania - Miles los amigos

Music: Piero Epifanía

Arrangements: Piero Epifanía, Alexander Logozarov


Piero Epifanía (Keyboards, drums, percussions, guitars, synths, vocals and lyrics)
Alexander Logozarov (Guitars in Teenagers’ kiss, Afroda, Tu final, Cumbia and Peruka)
Juan Rioja (Guitars in Sunday Savoir)
Boris Taslev (Bass in Afroda, Tu final, Falsa señal)
Paul Brackens (Bass in Teenagers’ kiss)
Arnau Garrofé (Tenor sax in Afroda, Soprano sax in Balamar)
Bojidar Basilev “Trombobby” (Trombone in Afroda)
Georgi Stoykov (Trumpet in Afroda)
Emil Tasev (Drums in Teenagers’ kiss)
Antonio Muguruza (Drums in Cumbia)
Borislav Petrov (Drums in Afroda and Tu final)
Dimitar Gorchakov (Piano in Falsa señal)
Eero Turkka (Throat singing in Tu final)

mixing and mastering: Emil Iliev

Emil & Chris - The Dominant Microscopic [COVID 19]

release date: 2020

The album is a emotional response to the global pandemic spreading all over the world at the beginning of year 2020.

Interestingly the composing of the tracks started right in the middle of the work on another music project of the band Guild Than Good, where Christopher Roy Gabel and Emil Iliev are also part of. After Chris composed the drums and bass for all 9 tracks Emil joined in for arrangements and composing and recording the acoustic and electric guitar parts.

The recording of the drums, bass and guitars is done on both sides of the world in Canada and Bulgaria. The soundscape also include special percussion, sound design and guitar synth.

The album is finished for less than 2 mounts and is considered one of the best work of Chris and Emil.

music: Christopher Roy Gabel and Emil Iliev

producer: Chris & Emil

Piero Epifania

release date: 2017

One incredible project of Piero Epifanía which interprets Afro-Peruvian music, a genre originated in and developed on the Peruvian coast, a mixture of African, Andean and European folk elements. Also very interesting is the entangled in two of the tunes Bulgarian folk motives.

music: Piero Epifanía

producer: Piero Epifanía

co-producer: Emil Iliev


Piero Epifanía - percussion, guitar, keyboards

Simeon Leonidov - guitar

Boris Taslev - bass

Arnau Garrofé Farràs - sax

Ero Turka - Gadulka

recording & mixing: Emil Iliev

Grumpy does repairs (animated film)

Grumpy does repairs / Как Сърдел направи ремонт/ Grincheux fait le bricolage

release date: 2014

Grumpy does repairs is an 8,30min. animated film for children. Тhe film uses an unique innovative animation technique - stop-motion animation using sewn cut-outs (each key frame is different cut-out made of fabric).

directed by: Radostina Neykova, Sofiya Ilieva

music: Petko Manchev

sound design: Emil Iliev

Father (animated documentary film)

Father (post-production)
release date: 2012

Creative team:
Script writer: Ivan Bogdanov (Bulgaria)
Original idea and interviews: Diana Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Filmography consultant: Phil Mulloy (UK)
Supervising art director: Ivan Bogdanov (Bulgaria)
Invited directors / animators: Asparuh Petrov (Bulgaria), Rositsa Raleva (Bulgaria), Veljko Popovic (Croatia), Dim Yagodin (Russia), Moritz Mayerhofer (Germany)
Delegate Producer: Maria Stanisheva (Bulgaria)
Co-producer Croatia: Vanja Andrijevic (Croatia)
Co-producer Germany: Christian Muller (Germany)

music by Petar Dundakov
sound design, sound re-recording mixer, dialogue recording, editing and mixing by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio 2011


Dangerous Games

Dangerous Games

Director, Writer: Temelko Temelkov
Producer: Teodora Temelkova, Temelko Temelkov
sound re-recording mixer, dialogue remixing by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio

Maluk-Golyam (Little-big)

Maluk-Golyam (Little-big)

Director: Yasen Grigorov
Producer: Yasen Grigorov, Temelko Temelkov
music by: Desi Slava, Band X, Melekh, Sisters of Radomir, Past Redemption, Boris Red, Jasmine Whale, Gergana & Rumen Makazchiev, Duet Dvorjak, 17.XII.
sound re-recording mixer, music remastering, dialogue editing-remixing by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio 2011

Awards: Golden Rose (feature film 2011) 

Anna Blume

Anna Blume

movie sound track:
music by Petar Dundakov
music produced by Petar Dundakov and Emil Iliev
sound design by Emil Iliev
music recorded and mixed by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio 2009

Corridor No. 8

Corridor No. 8

movie sound track:
composed by Petar Dundakov
produced by Emil Iliev and Petar Dundakov
music recorded* and mixed by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio
* except brass section recorded at National Radio Studio 1

The Big Reading

The Big Reading

TV show
music by Petar Dundakov
produced by Emil Iliev and Petar Dundakov
music recorded and mixed by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio 2008

Angels in America

Angels in America

Theater show written by Tony Kushner
music by Petar Dundakov
beat and rhythm arrangements by Emil Iliev
produced by Emil Iliev and Petar Dundakov
music recorded and mixed by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio

Guilt ... then God - Exitium 2010

Christopher Roy Gabel - bass, drums synth, vocals, sound design
Emil Iliev - guitars, guitar synth, sound design
Alex McMaster - cello, vocals

music by Christopher and GTG
produced by Christopher and Emil Iliev
mixed in stereo and 5.1 surround by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio


Milenita (Milena Nikolova): vocals, piano, loops
Emil Iliev: all other instruments
Recorded and mixed by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio

The most boring man 2007
lyrics by Milenita
music by Milenita and Emil Iliev
produced by Emil Iliev

Balloon 2005
lyrics (Spanish, English, Bulgarian) by Milenita
music by Emil Iliev, P. Dundakov, Milenita
produced by Emil Iliev and P. Dundakov

Dr. FeelGroove (2007)

music by dr. Feelgroove and Emil Iliev
produced by Emil Iliev and dr. Feelgroove
music recorded and mixed by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio


MO. 2006

lyrics and music by MO
produced by Emil Iliev
music recorded and mixed by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio

AWAY 1998

Away 1998

Andrew Stern - bass, cello
Christopher Roy Gabel - drums, percussion
Emil Iliev - guitars, guitar synth

produced by Away


Mila 2005

lyrics and music by Mila
arranged and produced by Emil Iliev
music recorded and mixed by Emil Ilievat EmilStudio

Roman 2009

lyrics by Roman

music by Roman, Emil Iliev
arranged and produced by Emil Iliev
music recorded and mixed by Emil Iliev at EmiStudio

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